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Here at Painless Treatment Centers of Michigan, our team of medical professionals offer a wide variety of cutting edge treatment options.

We are blessed to have seen great success in practice and owe this success to our Non-Surgical Reconstructive Treatment Protocols that have been extremely powerful in helping those with chronic intractable pain find relief and a better quality of life, many, after losing hope that it was possible. We are a results-oriented, X-Ray Based, Corrective Chiropractic & Neuropathy Treatment Center that works to find and correct the underlying issues of the body thus, giving you relief from the aches and pains, numbness, and tingling that keep you up at night. Proudly serving the community in Fenton MI and the surrounding area Dr. James Ide D.C. is our clinic director. Rated one of the top Chiropractic Health Clinics for traditional and chronic conditions, patients drive from all over Michigan to get relief from issues like Neuropathy, Low Back & Sciatic Nerve Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Neck Pain & Whiplash InjuryDisc Issues, Shoulder & Knee Pain, along with a long list of other chronic conditions and dis-ease related symptoms that come about when the body is not in its optimal healing state.

Our team of Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and Nurse Practitioners, along with the rest of the care team are committed to providing not only extraordinary chiropractic care but solutions to in-depth chronic health conditions that  are not available elsewhere to address your unique needs. Whether you are experiencing Neuropathy, Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Disc Issues, Neck Pain, Headaches, Knee Pain, or even muscular tightness and tension we have the expertise and experience you are looking for and can help you find relief. You may be searching for pain relief after an Car Accident, after experiencing an injury, or if you suffer from a specific condition like Numbness & Tingling, Bulging, Slipped or Herniated Disc, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain or a spinal condition such as Scoliosis… we can help.

Chiropractic Care in general, Heightens the Immune System which is especially important during chilly months so if you’re looking to improve your overall health, our chiropractors can even help you attain your simple, everyday wellness goals! Visit our testimonials page to find out what our patients are saying about our Fenton Chiropractors and our Chiropractic Care plans that put patients on the road to correction and recovery.

We can not stress enough how important Spinal Hygiene is in preventing these horrible conditions we see every day so please take a look at our page on “How Chiropractic Works” to learn more about preventing issues in the future for not only yourself but your children.

Your First Visit with Our Fenton Chiropractors

At your first visit to Painless Chiropractic and Neuropathy Treatment Center in Fenton, our fully trained and highly skilled spinal care team and amazing doctors and staff will greet you, take a full health history and explain how chiropractic care works. At that point you will be given a full evaluation, which based on your situation this may include an Exam, Posture Analysis, Motion Testing, Strength Testing, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitoring, Stress Testing and Motion Study Digital X-Ray.

If X-Rays are taken, a full and in depth analysis will be performed to precisely diagnose where your dis-ease is stemming from and the best approach to care. You will be sat down and one of our chiropractic doctors will go through your findings in depth with you to answer any questions you may have and make certain you understand exactly what is happening along with going over their best recommendations for treatment.

If you are a candidate for treatment in our clinic, the doctor will customize a plan of action to treat your condition in the most effective way possible. This may include chiropractic adjustments, any of the many corrective care therapies  we have available, home care and/ or a wide verity of our custom formulated Life Guru supplements.  At that point before any treatments are preformed you will know all your options for care and all your insurance benefits, deductibles, copay’s and out of pocket costs that receiving care at our office may inure.

If you have not been to a chiropractor or health clinic like our’s before and want to find out more, please email us or call (810) 214-0684 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to share our chiropractic and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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We also invite all patients to join our “Ask Dr. Ide” Facebook Group so that if you ever have a question and Dr. Ide doesn’t have a chance to go over it with you in the office, you can reach out to him there and chat anytime! We have community content blog area, which includes wellness articles and other healthcare resources. Along with offering complimentary community health talks, in your office or church. If that is something you are interested in feel free to shoot us an email.


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Dr. James Ide D.C.

“As a doctor I recognize that most dis-ease is due to an unnatural lifestyle, my goal is to assist your body in the healing process through proper spinal hygiene, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coaching.”

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Reviews From our Satisfied Chiropractic & Neuropathy Patients

*Disclaimer: Results may very from person to person.*

Amy Hawker / Fenton, MI

“I slipped on ice in December, landing hard on my behind. I was in excruciating pain and could barely move. It was a Saturday night but I called the office and left a message (new patient, too, found them on Google.) I received a call back first thing Monday morning, they got me right in that day, and I just completed my 3- month treatment plan. I feel so much better and am happy to have found Dr. Ide and his staff.”

Amy Hawker / Fenton, MI

Patsy Dimond-Spencer / Flushing, MI

“Dr. Ide and his staff are awesome. I had all but given up and I saw his ad. I am s happy to be out of partial pain and I have only gone twice, I cannot wait for the end results. Just to be pain free. Dr. Ide, I thank you so much.”

~Patsy Dimond-Spencer

Lauren Dunigan / Fenton, MI

“Very friendly staff and knowledgeable doctor! After doing a 3 month program, I no longer have daily headaches, back pain or neck pain. Most doctor’s adjust your back and send you on your way – Dr. Ide makes sure to turn it into a lifestyle change by improving your posture and fixing any issues you may have. I would definitely recommend him over any chiropractor.”

Nancy Matson / Fenton, MI

I always have good service and leave feeling good! The people are nice and all know my name. I really like how they do business for senior citizens… that’s a big plus!

Brandon Ogle / Fenton, MI

“Very extensive in the examination. Not like other chiropractors I’d seen who just do a quick adjustment. They diagnosed the problem and are working to correct it with me. They have even went so far as to work out payment arguments for the things my insurance wouldn’t cover.”

Brandon Ogle / Fenton, MI

Andrel Jacobs / Fenton, MI

“I had neck and shoulder pain since 2010. Ever since I started going to him I have felt better and better!”

Andrel Jacobs / Fenton, MI

A.H. / Fenton, MI

“I had ankle problems all my life in my left foot. Dr. Ide adjusted my ankle for me and within one adjustment my ankle felt the best ever. Thanks Dr. Ide!”

A.H. / Fenton, MI

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