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Many of you share with us at the clinic your chiropractic success stories and how our care has allowed you to achieve a better quality of life. Unfortunately, many of these stories do not reach the people that need to hear them.

This is why we are asking you to write us a Google Review by following the guidelines below. Google Reviews are extremely effective at allowing amazing success stories to reach the masses. More people are searching for healthier alternatives as traditional medicine is failing at trying to keep us healthy or regain our health.

If you have already written us a review on Facebook or other social media sites, we would love to have it as a Google Review as well. It only takes a few minutes!

This is why people need to hear your story  so they can at least give chiropractic a chance. Your story may help turn someone’s life around!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Our Google Review Guidelines – Only The Reviews That Contain These Elements Will Be Considered For All Draws! One Review Gets You In For All Remaining Monthly Draws!-

  •   What was your reason for seeking chiropractic care?
  •   What was your quality of life before chiropractic care?
  •   How has the care at Roach Chiropractic Centre changed your life?
  •   What would you tell others about your experience at Roach Chiropractic Centre?

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In order to leave us a great Google Review, you need to set up a gmail account. This process literally takes seconds. Once you have set it up, come back to this page and proceed to step 2 to write your Google Review. You never have to use this email again if you do not want to! Already have a gmail account? Go directly to Step 2!

Step 2: Write Your Google Review!

If you just created your gmail account or you already have a gmail account, you can now leave us a great Google Review. Click on the button below and look for the “Write a review” button on the right below our information. You will be asked to login to your gmail account, allowing you then to leave your review. Thanks for your support!