How Chiropractic Works

When there is a bone out of alignment, it puts pressure on the nerve. This pressure reduces the ability of the brain to fully and properly communicate with the organs, even the weight of a dime is too much pressure! How much pressure do you want on the nerve going to your heart? How about your brain stem? If there is pressure on the brain stem from the upper cervical it can cause all sorts of issues. This is why we push spinal hygiene and preventative chiropractic care. If you keep those bones and joints moving, when something shifts out of place it can quickly be corrected. If you wait, your muscles will shift and build up in a way to stabilize itself, but this puts unnatural pressure on other areas of your body. Pressure on a nerve will also cause the surrounding muscles and organs to weaken. This entire process can be unknown to you until you start to experience pain which is always the last thing to show itself.

The thing is, this happens to everyone at all ages, starting at birth. The birthing process alone is extremely trying on the little body of a newborn. As a toddler through young adulthood, we fall and simply get back up, but those injuries can linger. As we grow older, we have injuries that are still with us, such as sports injuries, slips and falls, and automobile injuries. All of these small aches and pains that we have brushed off over the years build up and lead to major issues, and one day we find ourselves waking up day after day in agony. We go to our primary care doctor and they give us muscle relaxers and pain pills, with these we mask our pain until it’s unmanageable to the point that we find ourselves facing surgery, which in many cases does not help.

It is possible to prevent these injuries by regular chiropractic visits, on a monthly or weekly basis. However, if injuries are left untreated and result in pain and muscle weakness, they become more difficult to manage and require consistent care from a corrective spinal care specialist. Not to imply that they can’t be fixed, but it will now take much more time and dedication from you. It’s just like going to the gym, people don’t gain an extra 100 lbs overnight and we can’t lose them overnight either. When we let things go on for too long we have to work hard to get to where we want to be.

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