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Dr. James Ide’s team of spinal care specialists at Painless Chiropractic provide a variety of safe, effective, x-ray-based Chiropractic services in Fenton MI, and the surrounding Genesee County area… Because living life in pain isn’t truly living.


Our approach at Painless Chiropractic is simple. We provide effective options for chronic conditions that are safe, lasting, and drug-free, without all those nasty side effects and recovery time. Many of our patients express having tried everything else, we are honored that God has led them to our door where they are able to find relief. Aside from the chronic conditions like Sciatica, Neuropathy, Disc Injury, and Automobile Injuries that we see every day, we are a fully functioning family chiropractic office treating both kids and families of all ages and walks of life. Our team is highly dedicated to caring for you and your family as a “whole person” approach first. We always strive to provide safe, gentle, and effective chiropractic care and therapy with the latest, up-to-date, evidence-based approaches. We pride ourselves in educating & empowering ourselves and others to fully reach their maximum health and wellness potential, along with putting in the work to be able to experience higher levels of function in any and all aspects of their lives.


We work to constantly motivate and challenge you to pursue all of your health goals so that you and your loved ones can achieve abundant health. We believe that our health is truly our most valuable possession. Unlike our healthcare system today with conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat a disease only after it has occurred, at our Fenton Chiropractic Office, we emphasize the importance of improving your health to reduce your risk of pain and illness in the first place. Our commitment to each of our patients is that we will work hard to get you out of pain and help you regain your health as quickly as possible. It is important to point out that more often than not, people come in after they have already begun to lose their health, looking for a treatment for Sciatica, back pain relief, or neck pain relief. Prevention and maintenance are still vital because as long as you’re alive, things can and will get worse without putting in the work. Our commitment to each and every patient is to treat them individually and work to help them improve and regain their health. You too must be committed to getting here, along with getting and staying well. We only accept patients who are ready to make a change in their lives, ready to take control of their health, and take the steps necessary to do so.


If you have been suffering from any Neuropathy, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Pinched Nerves, a Herniated Disc or disc injury, Sciatica, Numbness and Tingling, or would just simply like to enjoy better health, don’t wait another second to begin your road to recovery! At Painless Chiropractic, our Fenton Chiropractors and Corrective Spinal Care Team provide chiropractic techniques that assist patients to rediscover their health and wellness that may have been previously known but was lost along the way. For others, the chiropractic experience and our custom-formulated protocols offer a new sense of balance and wellness that has never been known before. If you’re ready to start living every second of every day pain-free, call us at (810) 207-6216 to schedule your appointment.


Painless Chiropractic is a results-oriented, family chiropractic office. The doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. James Ide, and his associates take great pride in seeing visible results. You can expect a series of tests and periodic X-rays along your journey to recovery to ensure you’re moving in the right direction and gaining proven, measurable results.


Painless Chiropractic and healthcare providers do not accept everyone as a patient. Our office wants to see each and every patient succeed and only accept patients that we are fully confident that we can help.

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