Spinal Decompression Therapy

Decompression Therapy is one of today’s most advanced technologies available. If performed correctly, this therapy can effectively treat neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and disc issues, as well as joint pain and degeneration in the knees and hips. It is a non-surgical conservative treatment option. An advanced technique is performed on a specialized table that gently pumps and hydrates the discs while relaxing and stretching the spine through traction. Spinal decompression is a leading treatment option for long-term pain relief, numbness, and tingling. Keep reading to learn more about the options available and determine if decompression therapy may be right for you.

Why Choose Painless Chiropractic & Neuropathy Treatment Center for
Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy

At Painless Chiropractic and Neuropathy Treatment Center, we are proud to offer multiple options for cutting-edge Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy, a highly successful and non-invasive treatment option for individuals suffering from back and joint pain and disc problems. 

Our clinic is certified in decompression therapy and dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans to our patients. We are equipped with multiple decompression tables, allowing us to tailor the treatment to the specific needs of each patient. We utilize detailed X-ray analysis, thorough exam findings, and consider individual symptoms, age, and body type to determine the correct decompression table and setup for optimal results. Proper utilization of decompression therapy is crucial for its effectiveness and safety.

We believe everyone should enjoy the best quality of life possible, a pain-free life, and we don’t believe that invasive surgery is the answer to chronic pain. It’s becoming more prevalent that surgical intervention is often ineffective in reducing pain and frequently necessitates additional operations. Additionally, prescription pain medications provide only a temporary fix for an underlying issue.

Receiving the right treatment at the right time is essential to promoting your body’s natural healing response. Ignoring a herniated or bulging disc when it is small (2-3mm) will inevitably lead you in the wrong direction; to a worsening condition that requires more extensive and expensive procedures such as surgery.

This Fenton Chiropractic office is not your average chiropractic clinic. We offer more and go above and beyond to get you feeling and functioning better. We provide spinal decompression therapy as an alternative treatment because your quality of life is important to us. Your overall health and well-being are why we do what we do.

Benefits of Decompression Therapy:

  1. Cervical Decompression:
    1. Alleviates neck pain and stiffness.
    2. Reduces pressure on compressed nerves in the neck.
    3. Improves mobility and range of motion in the neck.
  2. Lumbar Decompression:
    1. Relieves lower back pain and sciatica.
    2. Decompresses spinal discs and eases pressure on nerves.
    3. Enhances flexibility and functional movement.
  3. Hip Decompression:
    1. Eases hip joint pain and discomfort.
    2. Aids in the recovery of hip injuries.
    3. Increases hip joint mobility.
  4. Knee Decompression:
    1. Reduces knee pain and inflammation.
    2. Helps in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and meniscus injuries.
    3. Enhances knee joint function.

Causes of Spinal Compression
Leading to the Need for Decompression Therapy

Spinal compression occurs when pressure is placed on the spinal cord. This compression can develop anywhere in the lumbar, thoracic, or cervical spine. Symptoms range from mild discomfort to severe pain and can include weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain in the legs. Causes of spinal compression include:

  1. Degenerative diseases such as arthritis
  2. Bulging discs
  3. Herniated discs
  4. Deteriorating discs
  5. Spinal injuries that cause inflammation or swelling
  6. Improper bending & lifting techniques
  7. Sciatica
  8. Pinched nerves
  9. Facet Syndrome
  10. Chronic low back pain
  11. Chronic neck pain
  12. Spinal Stenosis

How Spinal Decompression Therapy Works

The vertebral discs are the shock absorbers positioned between each vertebra, they provide stability and mobility in the spine. Bulging or herniated discs put pressure on the spinal cord and cause pain, numbness, instability, and reduced mobility. Spinal decompression therapy works by having the patient lay on the Triton DTS — a specialized decompression table that places negative pressure on the affected area of the spine. Once the injured area is identified, the spine is massaged and gently stretched in a manner that relieves the disc pressure and allows it to retract naturally. The process can allow a bulging disc to return to its natural position and reduce stress on the spinal canal.

Benefits of Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a safe, painless alternative to ineffective physical therapies, prescription pain medication, and invasive surgeries that aren’t guaranteed to reduce pain. Benefits of decompression therapy include: 

  1. Lasting pain relief that targets, isolates, and treats the source of pain
  2. A Conservative, gentle treatment method that doesn’t require any surgical procedure or recovery time
  3. Removes pressure from the spinal canal and pinched nerves
  4. Stimulation of natural disc activity which allows blood and nutrients to flow normally through the spine
  5. Natural healing that restores mobility and stability to the spine and regenerates discs
  6. No addictive pain medication or adverse side effects

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Common Questions about Decompression Therapy:

Who is a good candidate for cervical decompression therapy?

Individuals with neck pain, herniated discs, or compressed nerves in the neck.

Who is a good candidate for lumbar decompression therapy?

Those experiencing lower back pain, sciatica, or lumbar disc issue of any kind.

Who is a good candidate for hip decompression therapy?

Patients with hip joint pain, injuries, or limited hip mobility.

Who is a good candidate for knee decompression therapy?

Individuals suffering from knee pain, arthritis, or meniscus problems.

How Does Decompression Therapy Work?

Decompression therapy involves gentle stretching and traction of the spine or joints, creating negative pressure within the affected area. This negative pressure helps to retract herniated or bulging discs, relieving pressure on nerves and promoting natural healing.

Duration of Decompression Therapy:

The length of treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition. While some patients experience relief quickly, others may require multiple sessions over several weeks to achieve maximum benefits.

Is Decompression Therapy Effective for Disc Issues?

Yes, decompression therapy is known to be highly effective for individuals with herniated, bulging, or degenerated discs. The pumping process helps the disc strengthen over time by receiving more hydration, minerals and nutrients, reducing pressure on the affected discs and nerves, encouraging healing and alleviating pain.

Who Should Not Use Decompression Therapy?

Decompression therapy is generally safe, but it also depends on which type of decompression the table is used for. It is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with recent breaks or fractures, severe osteoporosis, or certain spinal conditions. It is crucial to consult with a qualified and trained doctor, undergo X-rays, and have a detailed exam to be sure there are no underlying issues before undergoing this treatment, regardless of what area of the body is being treated. It’s always better to be safe, rather than sorry.

Avoid Surgery and Get Relief with Decompression Therapy:

Many patients have found significant pain relief and avoided the need for surgery through non-surgical decompression therapy. If you are experiencing back or joint pain, contact us today at 810-207-6216 to schedule your exam and find out if Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy is the right option for you.

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