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Dr. Scott Anderson

Seasoned Family Chiropractor, Dedicated Father & Health Enthusiast

“After seeing patients and utilizing many different Chiropractic techniques over the past 30 years, safe, scientifically based, chiropractic corrective care is found to be not only the most beneficial to the patient but to my reputation as a doctor. That is why we utilize posture profiling, an in-depth exam process, along with motion study x-ray analysis here at the clinic. We just are not comfortable guessing when it comes to our patient’s health, and frankly, you shouldn’t be comfortable with someone guessing with yours.”

Dr. Scott Anderson, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Lead Adjusting Doctor

at Painless Chiropractic & Neuropathy Treatment Center in Fenton.

Dr. Anderson is an experienced Family Chiropractor, highly trained and dedicated to providing safe, scientific-based chiropractic care. He also focuses on teaching patients the benefits of chiropractic, corrective care of the spine, and long-term spinal hygiene to ensure a long, healthy, happy, and strong high-quality life.

“As a father, I understand the importance of keeping your children healthy and happy. I do my best to teach my patients that though it’s vital to keep your kids and family a top priority in life, you simply cannot give from an empty cup. That being said, you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others, if you lose your health, who will be there to do your job as a parent?”

As a contributing community member here in Genesee County, Dr. Anderson has served as a family chiropractor in Holly, Linden, and Fenton. He loves our community and has raised his family here. Like our clinic director, Dr. James Ide, Dr. Scott Anderson graduated from the Heart and Home of Chiropractic, the top Chiropractic college in the U.S., Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1986.

“Our abilities in the Chiropractic profession have grown tremendously over the last decade. With advancements in technology, we no longer have to take the old-school approach to diagnosing and treating our patient’s conditions. We now have crystal-clear imaging and technology to pinpoint any underlying causes of issues, we also have access to safe and effective protocols to correct it. Telling people to come back when it hurts again is an outdated way of thinking. Let’s correct it now so you don’t have this pain for the rest of your life, popping up unexpectedly and inconveniently.”

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