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    Has a health care provider told you that you have a disc injury, such as a slipped disc? While these can vary from minor to severe, they all require professional chiropractic care. Painless Chiropractics can help you not only understand your injury, but also help to develop the best treatment options available.

    Intervertebral discs are small pads that fit in-between the vertebrae, each consisting of a sturdy outer ring and soft gel like middle. These discs are cushions that separate and join your vertebrae and ensure the bones do not touch each other during movement.  Without these discs, we would not be able to move the upper torso of our body.

    Other common discs injuries include:

    • A protruding disc in which the gel like middle is pushed out or bulging in-between the discs and is uneven in different places. This causes irritation and pinching of the nerve root.
    • A herniated disc causes the material of the disc to rupture and the center to push outward. It also causes numbness and irritation but can be very serious in some cases.
    • A disc extrusion is the worst disc injury. The gel balloons outside of the vertebrae or breaks off from the disc. This causes severe back pain and a very limited range of motion.

    If you are suffering from any type of disc injury, Painless Chiropractic is here to help. Please contact us and we will get you on the road to a healthier spine!