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Whats Making You Sick? Essential #1 Maximize Mind

Created In Mar 7, 2018

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The 3 T’s ~ Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins!

There are 5 essential areas that need to be addressed to reach a maximum level of health. The 5 Essentials to living an extraordinarily healthy life are the 5 spokes in the wheel of health. If there is a breakdown or lack of attention in any of these five essentials, then there is an environment for chronic disease to manifest.

Essential   1   Maximize Mind
At the core of essential number 1 maximized mind, is the stress that we put
on ourselves through our belief system and it is very easy to change if we
are willing to put in the work. Three things need to be addressed to
maximize your mind; erase limiting beliefs, correct negative self talk, and
release your emotions, the bad and good.

In order to erase limiting beliefs we must first identify what beliefs that
we are holding onto that limit our progress in life. So much stress that
people encounter on a daily basis is caused by our feelings of a lack of
progress and/or accomplishment. What beliefs are you holding onto that are
impeding your daily progress? Where did they come from? Most of us hold
onto beliefs that were loaned to us by our parents, pastors, superiors,
friends etc. The reason we are supposed to tell our children how smart,
strong, confident, beautiful etc. they are is because they will believe
you, and they will carry that belief forever. A belief takes lots of effort
to change. First, we must identify what we are thinking is a belief in the
first place. The self help guru Anthony Robbins says most beliefs are
misinterpretations of a past event. Like the time that your brother told
you that you were too short to be a good basketball player, or the time
when your high school sweetheart told you that you weren’t a very outgoing
*We will go into Essential #2 on the next blog post.