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    The Hurtful Truth About Headaches

    Created In Mar 7, 2018

    Safe & Effective Headache Treatments Available

    Though Headaches are common, they are far from normal. Headaches are described as a mild to moderate pain in the head. While most people blow a headache off and take an over the counter pain pill, we have to consider the facts. First of all, a pain in the area that encases the most valuable and complex part of the body, the brain, is nothing to blow off. Let’s dive into the topic a bit more and find out what can be done to stop this nagging pain once and for all.

    Ever Imagined a Life Without Headaches?

    Dealing with the debilitating pain that can often come with headaches can literally be life-altering. Those suffering miss out on everyday life such as playing with their kids, spending time with friends and family and even lose money and time due to not working as hard or at all and having to take a break from everyday life just to rest while in pain. Those around them are often affected as well, since often times people in pain are angry and stressed out by those around them. You may tend to lash out and can hurt people’s feelings and make them feel like you don’t want them around. Unintentionally of course but never the less, it happens.

    There is help for those suffering from Headaches and more severe migraines and it’s 100x better than masking the pain with a pain pill. It’s always a better idea to fix a problem then mask it and with medical advancements and new technology, we now have the expertise and tools needed to do so. The first step is to find and partner with someone who can help you get to the bottom of what is truly causing your head pain. That is where we come in, due to the high rate of success resolving headache and migraine pain by pinpointing the root cause of what is happening in the body that is triggering the pain to begin with.

    Dr. James Ide, Doctor of Chiropractic at Painless Chiropractic Center in Fenton MI will help you to determine what is causing your headaches or migraines whether they be a migraine, tension, cluster, sinus or daily headaches.

    Migraines & Headache Information

    75% of Migraine sufferers are Women, 25% tend to be Men. Migraines are a specific and intense type of head pain that often comes with sensitivity to light and sound, hot and cold flashes, nausea and vomiting. Oddly enough some come with no pain but distortions or what is called splintered vision and can even mimic a one-sided stroke. It is said to be a neurovascular issue due to neurologic controls of the blood vessels not functioning as they should. Caffeine may help at times since it tends to shrink the blood vessels but its just a temporary fix. Many people relate their headaches or migraines to heredity since their mom or sister suffered from the same type of head pain but just because your family member has the same type of pain doesn’t mean you have to. Your body can readapt and heal, return to a normal, functioning state, and life with no pain.

    Tension headaches can be frequent and range from mild to severe. Many describe the feeling of a tension headache as a tight band around the head. The shoulders, shoulder blades and neck muscles often feel tight and tired, the head may even start to feel heavy and difficult to hold up. Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs often have a positive effect on these and tend to provide short-term relief. However, these types of drugs induce other issues like stomach pain and bleeding.

    When looking to address headaches and migraines, head on, we need to look deeper into the body as a whole. We need to look at the physical structure, the muscles and posture and even at times a full physical exam, blood and urine testing, eye, ear, nose and throat evaluation and a dental exam to find out if there are any additional physical causes.

    When truly addressing the cause of pain in the body, especially the head, in our office we offer a safe, drug-free method that our patients see great success with. Our therapy involves attention to the physical structure of the head and neck, muscle spasms, posture, eating and drinking habits, along with work and home environments. We utilize special diagnostic testing technology to evaluate and treat your head pain, whether it be classified as a headache or a migraine.

    Patients usually start with providing the exact location of the main pain starting point. They tell me that “it starts here, it all begins right here” and they point to an area of the body, often times the back of the head or the neck or even behind the eye. They describe how their neck is always tight and their head tends to feel very heavy. Which are all classic signs of the head being healed on the spine incorrectly. If the head is not perfectly situated, it will eventually create a laundry list of problems that result in headaches and migraines regardless of what type they are classified in.

    So Whats The Cause of Your Headaches or Migraines?

    The cause of your particular pain could be many and are complex. When you come into our office we will set you up with your initial consultation with Dr. James Ide who will ask you a variety of questions and listen to you to describe things like what has worked and what has not worked up until now for your pain. What medications you are on or have tried in the past along with all aspects of life as we search for clues as to your head pain causes. Dr. Ide may then suggest a variety of testing such as motion study x-ray to see how the spinal bones are moving and their alignment. At times severe issues show themselves such as pressure or chafing on the brain stem so these tests can be vital. This process will put you on the path for determining the cause of your pain and curing/ reducing your headaches or migraines.

    Dr. James Ide of Painless Chiropractic in Fenton MI – Offering a safe and effective Headache and Migraine relief alternative to dangerous medication that simply masks your symptoms and cures nothing.

    To set up a consultation for yourself or your family member dealing with headaches or migraines call 810-771-3677