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    NOT Your Average Chiropractic Office

    Created In Nov 16, 2018

    Painless Chiropractic -Fenton MI
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    Painless Chiropractic of Fenton MI is NOT your typical Chiropractic office. Sure we offer traditional Family Chiropractic Care for those that are simply looking to gain better mobility and less pain, absolutely and we are fantastic at that! However, what separates our office from your standard chiropractic clinic is our unique approach to spinal correction. Painless Chiropractic is a corrective care office. We utilize cutting edge digital X-Ray along with in depth, Motion Study X-Ray Analysis to determine the root cause of your pain and dis-ease. Along with our findings from your exam and history, we create a plan of action to help you feel and function better.

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    Painless Chiropractic focuses on Curve Correction, not just Reducing Pain. This is because only about 10% of the nerves that run through your body have pain sensing receptors and what that means is just because you may feel better does not mean the problem is gone. The only way to correct the underlying issue is to work on correcting the curvature of the misaligned bones, reinstating the proper human spinal posture thus, allowing the nerves to flow freely without any pressure. This and only this is what will allow the body full brain to organ communication which will allow the brain to do it’s job and heal as it was designed to.
    If you cut your finger, what happens? The cut will heal. If you cut your and off what will happen to the cut on your finger? It will not heal. The brain has to work to implement the proper messages to instruct that cut to heal. When there is pressure on a nerve it cuts off a percentage of the communication to each and every organ, tissue and cell it connects the brain to. Painless Chiropractic practices corrective care of the spine because our job is much more than simple pain relief. Pain may not be present however unless you correct the curve, the problem may still be there, wreaking unknown havoc.
    Here at our office we are results oriented. We do pre and post x-ray’s to determine where you are and what is working and what isn’t along with a wide variety of therapies and adjusting styles all to fit your individual preference and need. You can schedule online at
    We offer complimentary Whiplash evaluations because we speak to so many people and once we start uncovering when their issue occurred, many find that it all goes back to the car accident that they nerve received care for because they “weren’t in a whole lot of pain”. Remember the statistic we mentioned earlier? Only 10% of your nerves sense pain? Just because there isn’t much or even any pain does not mean there is not an underlying issue. Always get checked out after an accident!
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