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    Middle Back, Low Back , Upper Back Pain…Its all BACK PAIN

    Created In Jan 14, 2020

    Middle Back Pain, Low Back Pain or Upper Back Pain?

    Back pain hurts regardless of where it is, your low back, mid-back or upper back. We see patients everyday that complain of back pain. Some have reached out to their MD, tried physical therapy, tried massage and even tried other Chiropractic clinics. Well, our office is a little different and we get great results that last. One thing many people don’t consider when dealing with their back pain is that though it may feel like the pain just started or you just woke up like this, most back pain is due to an underlying issue that has been working its way to the surface for a long time and finally your bodies fire alarms are going off, letting you know that the problem has gone on to long and reached its boiling point.

    Here at Painless Chiropractic & Neuropathy Treatment Center, we have customized care plans, supportive therapies and protocols to help patients find relief from middle back pain, or low back pain or even upper back pain. In most cases if a patient presents themselves in pain, the last thing we want to do is simply start jumping all over them, trying to push something in the direction that we “guess” it feels like it needs to go. Guessing what is happening and physically seeing and knowing what is happening inside your body are two very different things and we would never guess with our patients health. We treat our patients like family and want whats best for them. That being said, our chiropractic care and supportive therapies are scientifically based, we take x-rays and spend the good part of an hour analyzing them (in most circumstances) to get a 110% clear vision of  what is going on inside your body. We compare what your symptoms are and your exam findings with the x-rays and the motion study analysis along with any other testing that was done. We are then able to put together the most effective treatment plan for you. One of the members of our spinal care team will sit down with you and go over our best recommendations for care. We will explain to you what would be the ideal situation for you to receive the care you need to aide your body in the healing process.

    Now, you may be wondering if we offer the simple fix, quick on the go adjustments when your “feeling” misaligned and the answer is absolutely! We are always here for patients in need but when going over x-rays we want you to fully understand what is happening and what we recommend and as long as we are able to relay that information, our job is done. How you proceed at that point is up to you. (Side Note: If you choose not to follow our advice and do what you have time for or feel like doing, please pardon by bluntness but PLEASE don’t complain if your not getting better. Our biggest hurtle as an office is not if we can help people its patient compliance, meaning getting the patients to stay on track.)  There is a “Pain Protocol” which is what the insurance companies such as Medicare recommend for simply getting people out of pain, meaning not working to “fix” or correct the issue and we are happy to help in any way we can so we can always move forward with that option. We understand that some people are very busy and its hard to make it in, we understand that life happens and some times depending on your insurance or the lack there of, budget can play a role in our healthcare decisions. Remember this though, you only get one spine and just like your car, you need to stay aligned. If you drive your car around when it isn’t properly aligned, your wheels will wear, you may end up needing a new ball joint and all sorts of others things will be working their way to causing one of those little lights on your dashboard to go off, if your lucky or you may just end up stuck on the side of the road because you ignored all of the warning signs due to being “to busy” to take care of them. There is an old saying “take care of your health now or you will be forced to take care of your sickness later”.

    Moms & Dads, we are the worst when it comes to this! Putting all of our special people in our lives ahead of us but you too must remember, you are one of the most important people in your home. You take care of all of those special people and they need you to be as healthy as possible. You can not give from an empty bucket so be sure to fill yours up! We get one spine, keep it aligned!