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    Is Chiropractic Safe and Effective?

    Created In Mar 7, 2018

    Is Chiropractic Care Safe or Effective?

    Note: This article was shared via the local news article with special offer and edited for our site.

    Back Pain, Arm or Leg Pain like Sciatica, Numbness, Tingling, or Weakness in the Arms or Legs, Headaches, Migraines and problems with the Discs are often times what brings people into a chiropractic office. The major question we all keep wondering is this: IS CHIROPRACTIC REALLY SAFE or TRULY EFFECTIVE?

    To end the confusion on this topic, we are going to dive into this subject with Dr. James Ide of Painless Chiropractic in Fenton and you’re going to want to pay close attention because we’re going to destroy some important myths and reveal the facts.

    MYTH: Chiropractors are not Real Doctors.

    FACT: Not True. Doctors of Chiropractic or DC’s receive an overall postgraduate curriculum structure similar to the training medical doctors receive. DC’s spend additional hours studying Spinal Manipulation, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Advanced Radiology rather than Pharmacology and Immunology. “I attend training classes out of town about every other month and research online daily to stay up to date on the latest advances in technology, and technique. There is always something new to learn or a better way to do things in order to get better results and happier patients” Dr. Ide said.

    MYTH: Visiting a Chiropractor could cause More Harm than Good.

    FACT: Chiropractic care is actually found to be far Less Invasive meaning Safer, then options like drugs or surgery. Doctors of Chiropractic have one of the Lowest Malpractice Insurance Premiums, coming in at around 7 Times Lower per year, compared to the average medical doctor. That alone should prove to show how safe it is to visit a Chiropractor. When asked his thoughts on the matter Dr. James Ide said “There are bad Chiropractors out there just as there are bad Dentists and MD’s, but that doesn’t mean you swear them all off and stop going, am I right? It’s best to do your research and find an office that takes your full history into account, consults with you and really listens, does an Exam and X-rays and then takes the time to go over all of your information and analyze your x-rays in depth before diagnosing, setting up a care plan and adjusting you , that’s how you know you’re in good hands”.

    MYTH: Chiropractors ONLY Treat Back Pain.

    FACT: Dr. Ide’s office, Painless Chiropractic in Fenton, has great success treating patients for Disc Issues of all kinds, Sciatic Pain, Pain Down the Legs and Arms, Hip Pain, Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain and even soft tissue damage due to an Auto Accident or other injury. “About 25% of our patients are families that simply visit for wellness care because they understand spinal hygiene is vital to prevent degeneration and arthritis in the future” Dr. Ide explained.

    MYTH: Chiropractors just push around on your back, they can’t help me.

    FACT: Many offices like Painless Chiropractic in Fenton base their procedures on X-Ray studies to determine what type of care is right for each individual. Dr. Ide says that at his office “We do an In-Depth, Motion Study X-Ray Analysis to Pin-Point the Root Cause. We then structure a plan that has many components to first get the patient out of pain, then work towards correcting the problem as much as possible so it doesn’t keep coming back”.

    MYTH: SURGERY is the Only Option For Me.

    FACT: NO! There’s been a huge breakthrough in the treatment for Bulging DISC, Degenerative DISC, Slipped DISC, Herniated DISC, Spinal Stenosis, Foraminal Stenosis, Sciatic Pain (that goes down the leg) and many other chronic back and neck pain related ailments that now can be helped without the use of Drugs or Surgery. Dr. Ide’s clinic, right here in Fenton MI has seen success rates as high as 88% utilizing a new procedure called Non-Surgical Re-Constructive Spinal Care. The excellent results from this treatment have been helping patients avoid surgery and go with a much safer alternative to finding relief.

    MYTH: Finding out if Chiropractic or Non-Surgical Re-Constructive Spinal Care is right for me or getting properly diagnosed is expensive.

    FACT: Not True. Our team here at Painless Chiropractic of Fenton is currently offering an initial Consultation and Exam for the first 55 callers to call 810-515-8878 and set up an appointment for only $27 which covers your full Consultation and Exam.

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