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    Finally a way to heal Neuropathy is here!

    Created In Dec 16, 2019

    Our Painless Neuropathy Protocol has a 95%+ Success Rate at Stopping the Progression & Aiding in the Healing of Neuropathy!


    We are proud to say our Painless Neuropathy Protocol works! If you are a candidate for care, the number one goal is to stop the progression of your Neuropathy from getting worse. In many cases, our patients can not afford to endure any further progression of nerve breakdown and damage. Amputation is a real concern for many who suffer with Peripheral Neuropathy. When nerves breakdown and the brain is unable to fully communicate with areas of the body, it may be unaware of the damage that has and is occurring, allowing it to continue. This is why it is so common for Neuropathy to progress, sometimes quickly over weeks or months, other times slowly over years, possibly moving to a faster pace once the damage reaches its breaking point. Unfortunately there are many variables when it comes to properly assessing Neuropathy and it’s progression. People develop Neuropathy (a breakdown of the nerves and their ability to transmit vital information signals) due to many, many different reason. Some of the most common reasons we see most are due to Diabetes, Chemo Therapy, Surgery, Injections, Medications along with Lifestyle or simply “the perfect storm” of issues that collide. Another very common cause or contributing factor we often see with Neuropathy is long standing pressure and/or irritation on the nerves that run throughout the spinal column.
    Regardless of the cause, Peripheral Neuropathy is a serious and life altering condition that plagues more than 20 Million Americans at any given time. It often causes weakness, numbness, the feeling of pins and needles and pain, usually in your hands and feet. It can also, at times, affect other areas of your body. Some people describe it as the feeling of walking on bubble wrap or having a balled up sock under their foot. Other people have neuropathy in only the tips of their fingers or toes, some only have the issue in an area of the arm or leg. Symptoms may very but one thing is certain, to address only one aspect of the body as a whole, will not heal your Neuropathy, nor will a medication that masks the symptom. If that was the case, you wouldn’t be here reading this now.
    When addressing and working to heal the nerves one must look at the body as the fully functioning, well oiled machine that it is. Consider what the body needs to function, what your nerves need to function… Oxygen, Nutrition and Open Communication lines from the Brain to the nerves along with every organ tissue and cell they lead to. One must induce this open communication along with the ability to heighten the circulation and the nerves ability to take in this oxygen and nutrition. Those are the exact fundamentals our Neuropathy Protocol works on. One therapy or supplemental regimen done alone is simply not sufficient to induce all of the above components and will not work to heal Neuropathy. A multi faceted approach to healing is the only road that will lead you there.
    To learn more and determine if you are a candidate for this very successful protocol, feel free to call 810-214-2532. We will set you up with an initial Consultation to determine if you are a good fit for our exam process, assuming you are we will then move forward with the Neuropathy Examination, determine if any other test are needed to rule out contributing factors and have you come back at which point we will be able to go over all of your findings and put together a the appropriate protocol based individually on you and your needs.
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