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    Chiropractic Care for a Healthier Pregnancy

    Created In Apr 17, 2019

    Stopping Those Aches & Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

    It’s a well known fact that women experience aches, pains and discomforts throughout their pregnancy but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer throughout those nine months. The doctors and fully trained spinal care team at Painless Chiropractic use specialized adjustments techniques to help reduce discomforts and help the body prepare for the laboring process. If you find yourself Googling “A pregnancy chiropractor near me” or “a Prenatal Chiropractor Near Me” (yes those are the most common ones people look for) then look no further! This Fenton Chiropractic office is here to help! Call to schedule your appointment and start feeling better today! 810-618-6380

    We also provide benefits such as:
    • Reducing headaches
    • Reduce pain in the neck, lower back, and joints
    • Help to prevent a cesarean
    • Control nausea and reduce stress
    • Reduce labor time
    • Most importantly, help maintain a healthy pregnancy!
    Pregnancy Pains and Aches
    Hormone levels, posture changes, and the strain of the pregnancy on the body cause many expecting women to find themselves dealing with pelvic pain, lower back pain, and headaches. These concerns are not just a part of the pregnancy process; they are often messages from the body’s control center indicating there is something not right. In a lot of cases, these pains happen because the spine is improperly moving or the pelvis is misaligned.
    Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy
    Seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy is a safe, drug free way to help reduce pain. The benefits of treatment go beyond just pain management during pregnancy. At Painless Chiropractic, wellness visits are recommended throughout the entire pregnancy to ensure movement of the pelvis and proper spine alignment.
    Painless Chiropractic works with the Webster technique to carefully and safely adjust the pelvis as well as ligaments nearby to ensure proper position. This is important because the uterus is supported by ligaments that are all attached to the pelvis. Rotations of the pelvis cause tension on the uterus and unwanted tension on the baby. Women also report that when regularly adjusted throughout the pregnancy, they had easier, faster labor as well as lower cases of breech.
    Pregnancy Wellness
    Here at Painless Chiropractic, we want you to have a healthy, painless pregnancy. We also want to help you to build the foundation for your expanding family in a health way and that is why we have a versatile approach to your pregnancy well-being. Prenatal chiropractic treatments and nutritional information are just some of the things we offer as a natural health care approach. Contact Painless Chiropractic now and let us help you have the healthiest pregnancy experience you can have!

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