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If you suffer from low back pain and sciatica, you are one of over 20 million adults in the US with this often crippling spinal condition.

Sciatic Pain Treatment Shooting, stabbing and burning pains from the low back, sometimes with additional pain through the buttocks and down the legs are all symptoms of a pinched nerve often called Sciatica.

In severe cases, it can lead to muscle wasting, numbness, and constant tingling down to the tip of the toes and eventually even loss of bladder control. Left untreated, the intense pain can rapidly wear you down and drain the joy out of life.

That is, until now... Recent advances in the treatment of sciatica and lower back pain have led to the development and huge success of Non-Surgical Re-Constructive Spinal Care. The excellent results of this treatment have been published in major medical journals. With success rate

s as high as 90% many back surgeons are recommending their patients try this treatment first before having surgery. At our office, Painless Chiropractic you can try Non-Surgical Reconstructive Spinal care under the direct supervision of low back and sciatica specialist Dr. James Ide.

Dr. Ide and our fully trained spinal care team have helped countless patients find relief from their agonizing back pain and sciatica problems. We use a combination of ultra-advanced technology not utilized elsewhere in the area. Technology not found elsewhere in the area for precisely diagnosing the cause of your low back pain and sciatica; and a unique program for reconstructing the damaged area causing the pain; this means superior long-term results for most people.

Because the treatment is non-surgical, safe and easy, most patients report an almost immediate relief from their pain.